Thursday, 8 April 2021

Top 5 Data Science Courses for 2021

Careers in Data Science are proving to become quite popular and show no signs of slowing down - but you have to get properly certified first! Check out the following blog to find out our recommended top 5 Data Science Courses, and where a career in Data Science can take you. 

There is more data available in larger quantities to us today than ever before. For many businesses, the vast amount is overwhelming and simply does not make sense. 

A Data Scientist can analyse huge amounts of data from various sources and transform massive data sets into clear information, able to explain developing trends and patterns in a way that is easy to understand. 

This information can then be used to inform businesses of expected outcomes of specific decisions they are looking to make.

With the help of a Data Scientist, businesses can implement evidence-based decisions that are better guaranteed to have useful outcomes. 

Our top Data Science courses are:

Our Data Science courses speedily provide you with the skills you need to develop your skills across Data Science. Check out the following blog for more information on how to start your Data Science career. 

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

Duration: 3 days
Exam: DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure

On the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate course, you’ll learn to improve your data modeling, feature engineering skills, and learn how to apply Azure's machine learning methods to manipulate and analyse key data for your business.

Prerequisites: Before attending this course, you should have technical knowledge equivalent to the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification

Duration: 3 days
Exam: DA-100: Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI

In just 3 days, you’ll be able to boost the value of your business’ data assets by using Microsoft Power BI. You'll gain knowledge on designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, enabling advanced analytic capabilities, and deploying and maintaining deliverables.

Prerequisites: You should have:

EMC Data Science Associate (EMCDSA)

Duration: 5 days
Exam: DEA-7TT2 Associate - Data Science and Big Data Analytics v2 Exam

By achieving the EMCDSA, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to participate in your business' big data and analytics projects through hands-on experience.

Prerequisites: You should have:
  • Strong quantitative background with a solid understanding of statistics
  • Experience with a scripting language, like Java, Perl, Python or R
  • Experience with SQL

Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate

Duration: 4 days
Exam: DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Becoming a Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate means you’ll be certified to manage data security and troubleshoot Azure data solutions.

You’ll learn how to design software to protect your business and ensure speedy disaster recovery, gain the knowledge needed to implement Azure technology and become an Azure Data Engineer. If you want to certify your skills as an Azure Data Engineer, this course is for you.

Prerequisites: Before attending this course, you should have technical knowledge equivalent to the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certification

Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate 

Duration: 3 days
Exam: AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

In only 3 days, you’ll design an Azure AI solution by building a customer support chat bot on Microsoft Azure.

At the end of the course, you’ll sit exam AI-100 and achieve a certification that will be equivalent to Microsoft’s AI-100TO10-A course.

Prerequisites: You should have:

Data Science in the Real World

It is likely that you have used a chat bot before, whilst looking on the customer service, or help page of a company’s website. 

Chatbots are used by various organisations to better support users, by solving the issue they’re facing or pointing them in the direction of the information they need. They save time and can be an extremely useful guidance tool for users.

Chatbots utilise Data Science, being built to recognise user-generated queries and provide outcomes considered useful based on the information gathered by the bot. 

More advanced bots can even generate a bot that learns from outcomes and will only provide a better user experience over time. 

Our Microsoft – Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate Data Science course provides you the skills to build your own support chatbot and receive Microsoft equivalent certification.

What Skills are Needed to Become a Data Scientist?

The top skills in Data Science may not be what you would expect – it’s not all about the technical stuff! 

Data Science is a role that is threefold: understanding the data, making it make sense and building better outcomes. 

The paramount skills for Data Science are:

1) Ability to Analyse Data

This can be shown through various means. There are roles that wish to be filled by someone with a Computer Science degree. 

Some need someone who can evidence strength in backgrounds advantageous to data analysing, such as statistics, mathematics, engineering, or physics. 

Others will be happy with a candidate with experience working with data.

2) Knowledge of a Coding Language

Many opportunities do not specify which language you know, but it is expected that you understand and are competent in at least one coding language. 

Successful data scientists usually have a mix of coding skills including Python, R, SQL/MySQL, C/C++ as well as experience in using data visualisation tools like Tableau, Matplottlib and d3.js

3) Active Listener

You need to know what it is the business is looking for. What outcome do they want from a project? 

Asking critical questions and really understanding what a business is after is what will allow you to use your initiative in curating a project. It will allow you to work more effectively with others towards clear outcomes.

4) Strong Storyteller

The data you gather needs to be transformed into information that can provide insight for the business. Not only will your findings need to make sense, but it’s also useful that they are presented in an engaging way. 

You want the business to trust that, through your findings, you have developed a solution that will align with their goals. 

Turning data into detail requires charisma.

Starting Your Career in Data Science

There are plenty of ways to enter a career in Data Science. 

If you’re a graduate in a related subject, many large firms offer entry-level training schemes. Some of these even guarantee employment with the company after the scheme is completed. If not,  you have a couple of years' experience under your belt for entering your next role. 

Graduates may also want to investigate working for a start-up, to get a broad-spectrum experience of the various elements Data Science covers.

If you do not have a degree in a relevant field (or at all), then you can always become an Apprentice. 

Firebrand offer a Data Analyst Apprenticeship scheme which could provide a fantastic starting point. The scheme lasts for 16 months and often leads to a Data Analyst role with the potential to further develop into Data Scientists, and beyond.

Data Scientist Salary Range (UK)

Entry-level Data Scientist roles begin with salaries between £25,000 p.a. – £30,000 p.a. 

Entry level salaries quickly rise in the industry, with a few years of experience salaries rise significantly. With experience, you can earn anywhere from £40,000 p.a. up to £60,000 p.a.

It’s not unheard of for Lead Data Scientists to earn upwards of £100,000 p.a. This is a career that offers insight development alongside technology and strengthened communication skills.

More organisations are seeking Data Scientists than ever before, and our Data Science courses will support you to develop those skills. 

Businesses are not only requiring Data Scientists for consultancy but also to work within their businesses, providing consistent insights and embedding better decision-making outcomes. 

Learning these skills with us has the potential for a great payoff in your career.

Become a Certified Data Scientist 

Firebrand Training are an official training provider for an array of world-renowned certification bodies, including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Logical Operations.

Getting certified with us means you'll get acess to official exam and courseware, learn from certified instructors, and train in a distraction-free environment.

We offer an array of Data Science courses - this is just our top 5! Follow the link below to see what else we have on offer.