Thursday, 24 December 2020

Christmas Wish List: The Digital Route Review

AuthorBy Ben Hansford

A note from Firebrand Apprenticeships' Managing Director, Ben Hansford, on what he would like most this Christmas…

It’s Christmas Eve on one of the most difficult years of our generation: the year that brought the phrases “you’re on mute” and “can you see my screen yet” into common parlance. 

But in reflection of the season and the generosity that comes into play, we’re thinking about what we would like to receive on Christmas Day!

And for our Firebrand Apprenticeships team, that’s a date for the Digitial Route Review.

If you are a Digital training provider - like us - it has been an incredibly difficult time and you may feel quite neglected. 

Not only were we subject to the initial round of funding band reviews, but we are also the pilot for a Statutory Review - which actually officially ended in May 2019.

Since then, we have had apprenticeship standards that have retired, refreshed, quoted, drafted and redrafted. With a couple of days left of 2020, there is still no end in sight, with the latest suggestions being an 8-12 week roll-out from Ministerial sign-off.

Since the last review was published, we have had Glastonbury (remember when festivals were a thing?), lost the Rugby World Cup final, had 2 Premier League winners, 2 new iPhones, a state visit from Donald Trump, a global pandemic and developed three vaccines! All the while there are employers lined up that have been waiting to start learners on new standards since September.

It has always and continues to be our mission here at Firberand to get you and your team certified; to support the closing of the digital skills gap and to get you on the tech career path you want. If we have learnt anything this year, it is how vital technology is and how the digital world is only going to grow at a more rapid, in-demand rate. 

So from myself, my team, and with the support of Mariah Carey, 'All We Want for Christmas', is the Digital Route Review! So that we can make sure we continue to deliver the best. 

In the meantime, wishing you all a very merry, a very safe Christmas, and a toast to a happy and digitally-propelling New Year!