Monday, 24 August 2020

Announcement: Firebrand Apprenticeships ranked Top 20 Training Providers!

Announcement: Firebrand Apprenticeships ranked Top 20 Training Providers!
Firebrand Apprenticeships are delighted to have been awarded 18th place in this year’s RateMyApprentichip Awards! Managing Director, Ben Hansford, discusses our excitement and celebration as a company, and what this means for the future of Firebrand Apprenticeships. 

On Thursday 20th August 2020, Firebrand Apprenticeships won 18th place in this year's RateMyApprenticeship Awards! 

RateMyApprentichip celebrates the outstanding achievements of apprentices, schools and colleges, employers and training providers, in apprenticeships. 

It is the apprentices themselves who submit the nominations. Because the platform encompasses apprenticeships all across the UK, achieving this particular award cements Firebrand as a highly trusted source for education and career development.

Furthermore, in 2019 Firebrand was awarded 29th place as the UK’s top training provider for apprenticeships. We are thrilled to confirm that despite the difficult climate we’re in, we continue to excel and support our apprentices in every way possible. 

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The current climate has meant we have had to become flexible and adaptable in order to keep progressing. But with regards to apprenticeships, this has always been the case.

As pointed out in The Telegraph, the “great advantage of work-based Apprenticeships is that they are driven by employment opportunities”. The programme responds quickly to the demands of the labour market - if the economy needs more data analysts, software developers, or general IT support, the apprenticeship programme will follow suit.

Firebrand Apprenticeships programme, founded back in 2012, has concreted an esteemed reputation for being a leading training provider, and this years' RateMyApprentichip is just another one in the bag. 

Firebrand were named Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year at the inaugural 2018 FE Week and AELP Apprenticeship Awards, and have been named in the Top 20 IT Training Companies in the World for five years running.

Furthermore, according to data outlined of the top 10 jobs in the world, each of these career pathways Firebrand offers apprenticeships for:
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • IT support
  • Data analyst
  • IT administrator
  • Software developer
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