Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Firebrand Sprint | Webinars & 1-Day Accelerated Courses

Firebrand Sprint | Webinars & 1-Day Accelerated Courses

by Phoebe Savvides

The demand and growth of the tech-world has only accelerated during these troubling times, with everyone from certification bodies, to training providers and employers understanding the need for staff to get properly certified. But which certification? We’re introducing Firebrand Sprint: your new source for webinars and 1-day accelerated training to make sure you get all the information you need before investing in an IT certification.

It’s incredible how much we have had to adapt over the last 5 months. Trying to maintain our goals, our ambitions, trying to understand how to progress alongside the rapid and tumultuous time we’re in - it's been arduous to say the least.

We’ve discussed how certification bodies like ISACA, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and (ISC)2 - to name a few - have become more flexible to make sure you continue to get certified. One of Firebrand's leading instructors, Mike Brown, has also explored the necessity of getting certified, and how much our future is dependable on the understanding, safety and progression of technology.

But knowing that getting IT certified is paramount has never been the issue. It’s always been a case of ‘which certification should I get?’ and ‘how do I achieve it?’

With these being the fundamental questions everyone is searching for, Firebrand has built and is launching Firebrand Sprint: your source for webinars, introductory 1-day courses, and 1-day advanced and accelerated courses.

Through Firebrand Sprint, you’ll have access to webinars that introduce you to new courses being launched by leading certification bodies, sourced topics and content from instructors of how technology and the IT-world is developing, and the chance to achieve accelerated 1-day courses at discount prices.

The following article will act as your how-to, where-to and what-to guide to make sure you get the right information you need to achieve your IT certification. Make sure to check back on all upcoming webinars, courses, free events and potential discounts!

How does Firebrand Sprint work?

Through Firebrand Sprint, you’ll have access to a variety of webinars and accelerated 1-day courses. It’s very simple - check out our home page for all the courses and categories we’re offering.

Once you’ve chosen your webinar or course, ‘Register your Interest’. From there, you will need to fill out a variety of basic information to upload your name onto the list of applicants - as each course and webinar have a strict number of attendees.

You will then receive an email detailing further payment procedures (if applicable), and a secure date recorded on your calendar.

Note: if you’re interested in courses or webinars regarding a specific certification body, you have the option to filter your choices.


Through Firebrand Sprint you’ll get access to a broad variety of webinars. Whether it's from Firebrand’s very own certified instructors, or webinars hosted by our leading certification partners, you'll get all the information you need regarding certain certifications and/or themes circulating the progression of IT. Webinars currently on offer include:

1-day accelerated/advanced courses

Firebrand has always been an advocate for accelerated training. Through Firebrand Sprint, you'll have access to all of our 1-day accelerated courses - pass your exam and achieve your certification all in just 1 day. At the moment we're not offering any 1-day accelerated courses.

What kind of tech subjects can I get involved in?

We’ve got subjects coming out of our ears! And we’re sourcing them through:
  • Our instructors who inform us on how technology is developing, progressing, and what the tech future is looking like
  • Our certification partners, who have given us an insight into the new certifications they are going to be offering, as well as how their courses and certification pathways are developing
  • From you, through your Firebrand account manager, telling us exactly what you want to benefit and learn from, and how we can best support your career progression

Themes of some of the webinars Firebrand Sprint is offering, include:
  • Cyber security 
  • The cloud
  • Privacy governance and engineering
  • Project management 
  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking

Introducing ISACA’s CDPSE

You might have already heard of our AWS Discovery Day - that was just the beginning of Firebrand Sprint. Next up: ISACA’s CDPSE certification - which in fact is not even due to be launched before 2021.

ISACA and Firebrand are coming together to host a 180-minute webinar, giving you the inside information of what ISACA's new CDPSE certification is going to look like, how it’s going to benefit you, and what it means to get CDPSE certified.

Hosted by industry experts in privacy, this online instructor-led webinar will give you a look into the future of what it means to become an expert in privacy through designing, building and implementing technical privacy solutions.

What we know already of the Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE) certification, is that it’s the first experience-based, technical certification of its kind. You’ll learn how to boost privacy technology platforms and products that will provide advantages to your customers, build trust and advance data privacy.

The following 3 domains are the focus of the webinar and on becoming an ISACA CDPSE:
  • Domain 1: Privacy Governance
  • Domain 2: Privacy Architecture
  • Domain 3: Data Cycle
If you're interested in finding out what more the webinar has to offer, which instructors are going to be involved, or you're already invested and interested in taking part, check it out here and register now.

Keep informed and continue to get certified

Firebrand's mission has always been to support the growth of the tech world, and to make sure that everyone in it is properly certified for the job. With the restrictive climate we're in, we've become more flexible and adaptable - just as you have - to make sure the difficulties of today don't tarnish our futures. 

By building Firebrand Sprint, we're making sure you have every question answered to make an unwavered decision to get yourself IT certified.