Friday, 1 May 2020

We Need to Talk About the Future

Paper plane leading others - lead by example
by Robert Chapman

We’re going through the most challenging time in a generation, and the risk of failure is higher than ever. And not just failing as a business, but failing as humans. I’ll argue that this need not happen, and we can emerge from this better and stronger.

Where we stand today

This pandemic has brought everyone to a major crossroads, and our actions now will determine what kind of future we build for our children.

Things likely won’t ever go back to “normal” after this. Moreover, no one knows what “normal” will be like. On the one hand, that’s scary. But also, it’s ok - there are reasons to be positive.

First, technology today offers a lifeline that would be unthinkable only a decade ago. Thanks to the cloud, communications tools, and our global network, many businesses are able to adapt their models, and even to prosper.

But not only that - as it usually happens in times of extreme hardship, we see the best in people surface to help the less fortunate, and to alleviate suffering. And what are companies if not just a bunch of people working together?

Why stories matter

Our economy is in pain right now. Every business has suffered, is suffering, and in a way will suffer for some time to come - ourselves included.

We at Firebrand had to make tough sacrifices to survive. We had to send many of our employees on furlough and had to reinvent our entire business practically overnight. 

All of this has been incredibly hard, and wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have such incredible people. And we’re not alone in this - there are thousands of similar stories.

But these are only half the story (pun intended). For every tale of hardship, there’s a story of hope somewhere, a next chapter, an example that others can look up to. I think you know where I’m getting at…

What’s your story?

As we bounce back from this first wave of the pandemic, there’s a lot of pent-up energy and goodwill flowing upwards across society. People - and businesses - are looking for ways to make a difference. Many of them just need inspiration - and this is where you, too, can help.

At Firebrand, we’re taking a stance. We’ll continue to deliver the fastest certification courses - as we have for nearly 20 years - and we will bring our people back. This is our story. And we’re evolving to help, so you too continue to write your own, and keep building our shared future.

We’d like to invite you to stand up and share your story. What’s changed, and how are you coping and making a difference for your customers and employees? Tell us at and we’ll share them, too. Every story helps.

We’re all in this together, and we hope that together we can all emerge from this situation stronger and more efficient than ever.

Robert Chapman is co-founder and co-CEO at Firebrand Training. He's passionate about technology and improving people's lives through learning new skills. Cycling, gadgets, music and photography are his other passions.