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12 free TOGAF exam study resources

TOGAF exam free study resources - blog article by Firebrand Training

UPDATED Feb/2020 - Passing a TOGAF exam opens doors to one of the most in-demand jobs today. In this post, we point you to the best free resources to ace the test and get your certification ASAP.

Covering business, IT, and data, The Open Group Architecture Framework ticks all the right boxes in any modern enterprise’s list. And the value of a TOGAF certification certainly jumps to the eye - with a median UK salary of £70,000 for a certified professional and £123,500 for an enterprise architect (up 63% from 2018).

What is TOGAF?

As the name suggests, it’s an enterprise architecture framework - a series of methods, guidelines, and tools for designing, implementing, and maintaining an enterprise architecture.

The TOGAF framework was created by The Open Group, a global consortium of 700+ organisations whose objective is to advance business through the establishment of technology standards.

How to become TOGAF certified

Before you enter the enterprise architecture elite, you’ll need to pass two standard TOGAF 9 exams:

These exams are challenging and it’s essential to keep up-to-date with the study material. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for your exam with resources that won’t cost you a penny. 

Free TOGAF study guide

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best resources you can access for free in your journey towards certification - our recommended TOGAF certified study guide:

  • TOGAF practice exam
  • Illustrated guide
  • Videos
  • Multiple Choice Questions - Chris Eaton & Udayan Banerjee
  • Official TOGAF courseware
  • Enterprise Architecture for Dummies
  • TOGAF 9 Quick Start Guide for IT Enterprise Architects
  • TOGAF Frequently Asked Questions

From practice exams to eBooks and TOGAF 9 certification dumps, make the most of these free resources and you’ll be in a better position to pass your TOGAF 9 exam in your first try.

TOGAF practice exam

Manuel Di Toma, the creator of The Open Arch, has created a great exam simulator for enterprise architects studying for their TOGAF 9 certification. You’ll get access to five simulators with TOGAF exam questions across both exam levels. If you create a basic account you’ll also be able to save your exam progress and return to it later with your login details.

To develop this online resource, Manuel has worked closely with TOGAF® 9 certified Architects. However, it’s worth noting that The Open Group are not directly involved with this free resource.

Illustrated Guide

Orbus has developed a set of clear TOGAF 9 in Pictures Poster Pack - this resource is a must-have for visual learners. Not to be substituted for a comprehensive study guide (or accelerated course), this resource will make for an undeniably useful revision tool.

This pack covers the key areas in the TOGAF standard, including The Architecture Development Method, Guidelines and Techniques, Content Metamodel and Architecture Repository and Architecture Capability Framework.

Orbus - TOGAF illustrated guide

Spend a couple of minutes creating an account and you’ll get access to the pdf files. That’s a small price to pay for this useful TOGAF revision resource.

TOGAF Videos

These well produced TOGAF training videos, also from Orbus Software, provide a minimalistic overview of the framework. There are eight in total and each cohesively describes a top-level view of the enterprise architecture framework.

TOGAF Practice Questions

Chris Eaton

Created by enterprise architect Chris Eaton and hosted on his blog, these questions mimic the multiple choice sections of the TOGAF 9 exam. Thanks to a great community response, Chris has also released a set of exam scenario questions.

While the site is starting to show it’s age this resource is still a great way to prepare for your TOGAF exam. Find both sets of questions in this PDF.

Udayan Banerjee

Another set of TOGAF 9 multiple choice questions, this time provided by Udayan Banerjee. The set of practice questions are hosted on his blog - make sure you scroll down for the answers!

Official TOGAF courseware

This official repository is a goldmine of slides, templates and white papers for anyone planning on becoming an enterprise architect.

All you need is to create an account on their website and you can download a vast amount of free resources. Many of them also available in English, Chinese, and other languages. Here’s what we recommend:

TOGAF Standard version 9.2

The architecture for The Open Group Standard 9.2. You can also buy and download the TOGAF 9.2 PDF from its original source here.

TOGAF Certified Study Guide PDF

Download a sample of this official study guide and try before you buy.


A collection of in-depth whitepapers ranging from introductions to specific topic analyses.


Around 70 videos on the framework, including guides, surveys, case studies, and many more.

Reference Cards

Four sets of cards for studying: version 9.2 Architect Development Model (ADM) and Overview, and version 9.1 ADM Phase and Content Metamodel reference cards.

TOGAF 9 reference cards

A little bit older but still relevant, the official version 9 TOGAF reference cards are part of the free library. With 16 reference cards in total, this resource is worth your time.

Official Library

For a detailed list of all available resources, head straight to The Open Group’s library home.

Enterprise Architecture for Dummies

This 55 page Slideshare presentation by Winton Huang, Senior Technical Specialist at IBM, is a great introduction to TOGAF. Despite the fact that these slides were originally accompanied by a physical talk, the presentation is definitely worth the time.

Why would anybody need a short 60 page book on TOGAF 9?

Why would anybody need a short 60 page book on TOGAF 9 if the actual architecture framework is 690 pages?’, asks Wolfgang Keller in the preface of his own book. Well, perhaps that’s exactly why. Having a summarised, distilled version can help increase the overall understanding of the framework as a whole, and how each piece connects with the next.

TOGAF Quickstart guide by Wolfgang Keller

Access his 60 page eBook here. (Update: as the original hosting of this eBook has expired, you will now be required to donate a small fee to the offer for access).

Become a certified Enterprise Architect

Every person has different learning styles and requirements. If you’re not in a hurry or just prefer to learn by yourself, these resources should be enough to get you started in the right path - and to support you throughout the entire journey.

However, if you’ve got limited time and/or would simply like to optimise how you learn, check out our accelerated TOGAF certification course. It combines levels 1 and 2 in a three-day bootcamp that will give you all you need to pass the exam in the first try.