Monday, 1 October 2018

Nick Nurock of Transport for London wins Firebrand’s 2018 Apprentice Mentor of the Year award

Firebrand Training is delighted to announce Nick Nurock, STEM Application Development Manager at Transport for London, as the winner of the Apprentice Mentor of the Year Award 2018.

As employer-led qualifications, digital apprenticeship standards require a high level of input from employers to ensure apprentices get the necessary professional support. In recognition of this crucial role, Firebrand presents its annual Apprentice Mentor of the Year Award to an apprentice mentor Firebrand works with, in recognition of the exceptional effort and commitment they have shown to help their apprentices succeed.

Celebrating outstanding mentorship for incoming digital talent

This year’s outstanding candidate is Nick Nurock, mentor to software development apprentices on Firebrand programmes at Transport for London. Nick’s work with his initial cohort of four apprentices showed outstanding dedication, continual encouragement and motivation and excellent pastoral care. As a result, all digital apprentices are at least 25% ahead of their progression targets.

As a full-time apprentice mentor and schools engagement professional, Nick insists his first-class support is all in a day’s work, but acknowledges he’s learned as much from the apprentices as they have from him. ‘My line management skills have improved because I've faced some challenging situations. But…if somebody comes to you saying "I've got doubts about what I should be doing, I don't understand this bit of software", and you're able to talk to them, reassure them, influence them, persuade them by reminding them of their end goal and get them back on track, then that's a fantastic feeling.’

Nick Nurock was awarded Apprentice Mentor of the Year by Firebrand Training, TfL’s digital apprenticeship provider

What is the Apprentice Mentor of the Year award?

The Apprentice Mentor of the Year award is named after Andy Teasdale, Firebrand’s former Lead Apprenticeship Facilitator who passed away suddenly in 2016. Firebrand established the award as a testament to Andy’s passion for his job and his determination for apprentices to succeed.

Nick is in no doubt that Firebrand’s current delivery staff are honouring Andy’s memory through current delivery. ‘I continue to really enjoy working with all (Firebrand staff), particularly seeing the extra lengths you each go to and Firebrand’s genuine commitment to adapt and improve – it reflects the values of our own software teams precisely.’

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