Monday, 24 September 2018

Firebrand Gain Pearson VUE® Select Status: CISSP & CCSP Exams Included

Firebrand Gain Pearson VUE Select Status: CISSP & CCSP Exams Included
Right now Firebrand is the only UK training provider that can provide you with your (ISC)2 exam during your course. Firebrand has gained Pearson VUE® Select Status.

You can get CISSP, CCSP, and SSCP certified faster with Firebrand than any other UK training provider. You’ll sit your exams during your course just steps from your classroom.

Getting certified faster means you can get the benefits sooner: accelerate your career and boost your salary.

Choose from the full range of Firebrand’s all-inclusive and accelerated (ISC)2 courses or read on for more information about Pearson VUE Select Status.

What is Pearson VUE® Select Status?

Pearson VUE® Select Status is required by (ISC)2 – the organisation responsible for world renowned IT security certifications like CISSP, CCSP, and SSCP.

Pearson VUE® Select Status requires extensive security measures inside the testing centre and when identifying students. This is important as it protects the integrity of (ISC)2 certifications using enhanced biometric and surveillance technology.

Which Certifications require Pearson VUE® Testing?

To achieve any (ISC)2 certification students must sit their exams at a Pearson VUE® Professional or Select status test centre.

Why is Pearson Select More Secure?

Pearson VUE Select Status requires increased camera coverage and palm vein recognition to verify delegates' identity. The security measures include:

  • Closed circuit camera system inside the exam room – which includes 1 camera above every 2 examination desks, with sound, for all 32 seats 
  • Two cameras above the check in areas where delegates show their IDs 
  • Biometric palm readers to verify identity 
  • Electronic signatures and profile pictures 
  • Testing system run through remote application from Pearson’s data centre – which ensures the testing systems have the latest software and content updates 

Does (ISC)2 store my biometric data?

Neither Firebrand or (ISC)2 collect or store a direct copy of your palm scan. (ISC)2 have given a detailed description of the process: “Palm vein recognition examines the unique patterns in a candidate’s palm veins using a safe, near-infrared light source like that in a TV remote control. This technology is fast, highly accurate and secure”.

How does it work?

(ISC)2 biometric palm scanners creates a template pattern from your scan that is only meaningful within the (ISC)2 database – the digital template it creates would be different to that of a different organisation, so it’s only useful to identify you within the context of everyone who has taken the test.

This way, they can compare the palm pattern to all other current and past candidates, preventing people taking the test several times under different identities.

You are required to scan your palm once at the start of the exam and after a break during the exam. When you finish, the template is sent to Pearson VUE® via encrypted transmission.

(ISC)2 emphasise that “your vein pattern template is stored separately from other information about you in the system and adheres to the applicable privacy retention requirements.”