Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 tips to help you pass your Network+ exam

CompTIA’s Network+ certification is a vendor neutral, entry-level credential. It focuses on key elements of networking, such as installing, maintaining and troubleshooting basic networks. Earlier this year we have shared 5 tips to help you prepare for your A+ exam (which is strongly recommended prior to the N+) so it only seems fair if we do the same for the Network+.

The exam takes 90 minutes. It is a mixture of multiple choice and performance-based questions totalling 100 at most. You need to score at least 720 (roughly 80%) in order to pass. And now, let’s see how you can make sure that you’ll pass.  

You can never go wrong with the official source

Check out CompTIA’s website to boost your learning. The website offers a comprehensive overview of exam objectives, sample questions and a trial version of CompTIA CertMaster. This tool uses the latest scientific findings and tricks to enhance your learning and help you remember and retain large amounts of information more easily.

Firebrand Learn

Make your way to Firebrand Learn, our free self-study platform where you can access the entire courseware for the Network+ certification. This will help you cover everything from Network Technologies to Network Security. Expect plenty of illustrations and graphs to aid your understanding of the focus areas. 

Read Mike Meyers’ books

Mike Meyers is a best-selling author of CompTIA certification books. Check out his Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide and Network+ Certification Passport and you’ll cover everything you need to know about passing the Network+ exam.

Test your knowledge with quizzes

Once you have covered everything, testing your knowledge should be your next step. ProProfs is an online quiz maker that offers a range of Network+ questions, provided by CompTIA. Why is it any different than the CompTIA sample questions mentioned earlier then? ProProfs times your test and gives you the answers straight away, so you can monitor your progress whilst doing the exam - that’s why.

And the obvious ones…

Read the questions AND the answers with equal care. These really seem obvious, but sometimes you might get answer options that only differ slightly from one another and that’s when you really need to understand what the question asks, so stay sharp and read them carefully.

Reading your responses is probably even more important. Bear in mind that there can be close acronyms of terms, like OS2 vs. OSI. Also, if you think a question is wrong, you are probably wrong. So instead of doubting the question, double check your answer and make sure you address it as well as possible. If you think a question is difficult to answer, don’t waste time on trying to crack it. Go for the easy ones first and you’ll have time in the end to go back to more difficult ones.

Follow these steps to help your preparation and during the exam, and get your Network+ exam out of the way. Good luck!