Thursday, 14 August 2014

How to convince your manager to pay for PRINCE2 Training

Becoming PRINCE2 certified will verify your ability to manage and organise successful projects. But, it’s not always easy to get certified independently - especially whilst trying to juggle your career, family and social life. A helping hand from your organisation could make all the difference.

After all, it’s in your manager’s best interest for you to be more qualified.  The more skilled you are at your job, the more you can contribute to your company.

Educate yourself about PRINCE2 and put across a compelling argument. Get started with these convincing points:

Keep an eye on scope creep
courtesy of 2nix
1. It will save your organisation time and money

1 in 6 projects have a cost overrun of 200% and a schedule overrun of nearly 70%, according to a study by the Harvard Business Review.

Scope creep is defined as uncontrolled and continuous change or growth in a project’s end date. It will cost your organisation the most finite of resources - time and money.

The ‘moving goal posts’ effect of scope creep is often a result of unforeseen changes to the projects requirements. Unfortunately, this typically results in exceeding your initial timescales and budgets. It also has the potential to worsen as the project progresses - you’ll have a hard time planning for a project that is in a constant state of flux. 

But, by using an established project management methodology like PRINCE2, you can manage and prevent scope creep as it happens. Topics like The Process-based Approach, Risk Management Strategy and Baselines for Control will teach you valuable lessons in the management of scope creep.

A reduction in the cost of projects across your organisation is a tangible bargaining chip for winning over your manager. Plus, with PRINCE2’s standardised methodology, you’ll be able to manage any unavoidable change within your projects whilst still maintaining your original objectives.

2. Bring some much needed clarity to your projects

PRINCE2 focuses on providing a tried-and-tested framework and methodology in which to manage projects clearly and efficiently. Your projects will benefit from a common and consistent approach that your stakeholders can take confidence in. 

Clearly measure the success of your endeavours within a standardised system and you’ll be able to provide accurate reports to your project’s stakeholders. Without an over-reliance on bureaucracy, PRINCE2 promotes consistency, continuous improvement and troubleshooting for your projects.

Explain to your superiors how PRINCE2 can provide a standardised framework for every project your organisation undertakes. PRINCE2 gives your organisation greater control of its resources.

The earlier you can adopt the methodology, the better. Fewer costly organisational mistakes will be made and those that are made can easily be tracked and improved upon.

3. It’s Government-backed

PRINCE2 was launched by the UK Government in 1996 and is now recognised as the international standard method for project management because it embodies years of best practice.

According to arras People’s 2013 UK Project Management Benchmark, the PRINCE2 qualification is held by 63% of all Project management professionals - that’s markedly more than the competing PMP (9%) and MSP (23%) accreditations.

With over a million exams taken globally, it’s already recognised as the world’s most popular project management methodology. Press the importance of getting your organisation to take advantage of this industry standard.

4. You’ll only have to take 1 day off work to get fully certified

PRINCE2 is split into a Foundation and Practitioner level. Foundation measures whether you would be able to work within a PRINCE2 project team whereas the Practitioner focuses upon your skill at leading your own PRINCE2 project.

Complete both qualifications in just 3 days and return to work fully qualified to lead a PRINCE2 team. It’s taken over the weekend with only 1 day out of the office - even your manager will have a hard time arguing with that.