Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Is your business safe from the Visa & MasterCard Backlash?


Visa and MasterCard will suspend your ability to process online payments if you are using Windows Server 2003.

When Windows Server 2003 End of Service hits in July 2015, any business running the software will no longer adhere to the PCI compliance standards. Without updates and support, the integrity and security of the Windows Server 2003 platform cannot be guaranteed.

Adherence to PCI is required for businesses that want to host Visa and MasterCard transactions on their websites. Lose it and your crippling your businesses ability to make money online.

Microsoft states that “Payment Card Industry (PCI) policies will not be met with an operating system that is EOS”.
With just under a year to go until Microsoft cuts all support for the outdated software, businesses could be risking far more than they realise.

You don’t have much time - Upgrade now

When Windows Server 2003 loses all support on July 14th 2015, you can’t afford to be caught unawares.  Continue running the software at your peril – failing to upgrade could cost you £100,000 a year.

What’s more, according to Microsoft’s initial estimations, it could take you 200 days to migrate, so you’re going to have to act fast.

But, updating to Windows Server 2012 doesn’t have to be a trial. If you’re amongst the 62% of businesses who haven’t yet planned to migrate – you can still make sure your transition a smooth one.  

Avoid those frustrating first-time software mistakes. Become a Windows Server 2012 expert in just 9-days and make your upgrade an easy one. Plus, you’ll be Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certified – your first step to earning the advanced MCSE certification.

What percentage of your revenue comes from online payments? This could disappear come 2015.

So, start making your migration plans now, you don’t have long!

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