Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Eight reasons why you should get PRINCE2® certified


There are various project management certifications available, however the PRINCE2® is definitely one of the most prestigious, popular, and practical. The certification is internationally recognised and PRINCE2 certified project managers are sought after.

Get certified and you’ll be able to implement PRINCE2 in your projects. 
Here’s why your organisation needs it:

Tried & TestedPRINCE2 has been one of the fundamental methodologies in project management for over 30 years. A methodology so mature can really make a difference in certain projects, because of the solid foundation with precedents from the past.

Clear Organisation Structure: PRINCE2 outlines clear roles and responsibilities. Team members are assigned a role or roles at the beginning of the project. With clearly defined roles, it is ensured that team members are aware of their tasks and understand their responsibilities.

Planning: In order to deliver the project successfully, PRINCE2 divides it into smaller, more manageable stages. Following the methodology large-scale projects will be more manageable, and project milestones can be achieved more easily.

Standardisation: With the PRINCE2 methodology in practice, everyone involved in the project is using a common approach and language. The standardised procedures reduce the chances of miscommunications and bring clarity to the project, while time can also be saved in auditing and recruitment.  

Step by Step Method: PRINCE2 provides project managers with a step by step method from start to finish. It focuses on the project’s deliverables, making the project an organised and controlled process. The methodology also allows for regular reviews of the project’s progress against the plan, so any risks or potential problems can be dealt with promptly.

Customisation: PRINCE2 is not carved into stone. It can be tailored to fit the agenda of any organisation and project. It’s suitable for projects of any size and type.

Change Management: Organisations can be subject to change throughout a project. PRINCE2 addresses change by ensuring regular project reviews are carried out to monitor the continued viability of the project and making sure that adequate change management is in place.

Free to Use: PRINCE2 is free to use, which means any business, regardless of size or type can benefit from it.

Get certified on our world exclusive, three-day long PRINCE2 course. You’ll get both the Foundation & Practitioner exams in one go.   

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