Friday, 7 March 2014

Open your eyes to apprentice opportunities


Today marked the end of the seventh National Apprenticeship Week. This year’s theme was “Great Apprenticeships” and its primary goal was to raise the profile and significance of apprenticeships in the UK. In order to achieve this, over 700 events were organised and hosted by colleges and employers. Since so many young people are potentially struggling to get onto the career ladder, it is essential that apprenticeships get full support and greater exposure. And hopefully, this week of events did just that.

The following part is based on Matthew Bell’s guest post for

Young people thinking about what to do with their lives should seriously consider taking an apprenticeship, because there are some truly great opportunities. Although money should probably not be the main motivator, apprentices often earn substantially more than many university graduates, not to mention that they also learn while they earn.

Another key detail is that as a committed apprentice, you’re almost guaranteed a job at the end of your scheme, especially in technology related industries, where we see an ever-widening skills gap in the UK.

For some reason, apprenticeships are still often labelled as a choice for those who are “unable” to pursue a degree. However, what not many people know is that you can actually take your apprentice training up to degree level. 

Matthew’s advice, based on his personal experience is that you have to be open to the opportunities that an apprenticeship can offer. They provide excellent real-life work experience, help you earn while you learn, and even get you qualifications and/or training. So make the most of it! 

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