Wednesday, 5 March 2014

National Apprenticeship Week - why do I want to do an IT apprenticeship?


We are in the middle of the 7th National Apprenticeship Week and it has already attracted many eager and capable youngsters, who already discovered the answer to the big question: Why do I want to do an apprenticeship?

The answer may not be universal and equally applicable to all industries, but here’s why you want a career in IT:

  • Earn while you learn – There are currently around 100,000 open IT positions in the UK and that number is only expected to grow even further, unless the so-called “knowledge gap” is bridged. So why not complete an apprenticeship where you earn a good salary, while getting the experience that may help you secure a job in IT?
  • Top-notch training on top – Gaining real-life work experience is great, but getting professional training on top is even greater. As an IT apprentice with Firebrand you’ll work in the technology industry for a year and receive at least 5 weeks of training to add to your experience.
  • Boost your CV – Start your apprenticeship at the age of 16 and by the time you turn 18, you’ll have more experience to put on your CV than most university graduates. Not to mention that you’ll actually possess the technical knowledge and experience.
  • It’s a career catalyst – It’s not rare that apprentices are offered permanent positions by their employers. But even if it doesn’t happen to you, you’re still well ahead the curve when it comes to applying for a job.
  • Great variety - It is a common misconception that IT roles are only for the geeky tech savvy. The IT industry offers various career paths to choose from. You can learn how to code and build applications. You can learn to maintain and manage networks. But you can also learn how to protect your organisation from threats by becoming a IT security professional.

An IT apprenticeship can lead to a great job. These four young apprentices highlight the varied careers available within the IT industry and explain the importance of this sector:

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Sarah writes for Firebrand Training on a number of IT related topics. This includes exams, training, certification trends, project management, certification, careers advice and the industry itself. Sarah has 11 years of experience in the IT industry.