Monday, 31 March 2014

Microsoft Office finally comes to your iPad

As of 27th March, the iOS 7 compatible versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are available in the App Store. Microsoft Office is finally coming to your iPad.

At last week's press conference, Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella said the company wanted “to empower people to be productive and do more across all devices… Office 365 will be everywhere from here on out.”  
He added: "It is to make sure that the one billion Office users have access to the high fidelity Office experience on every device they love to use. Today's announcement marks one more step in that direction."

The newly available apps allow you to view Office files and documents on your iPad, however creating and editing are only enabled, after purchasing an Office 365 cloud subscription.

It was time to make this move

Microsoft’s move to a devices-and-services business model is essential to ensure a prosperous future. The company has to show commitment to delivering those services promptly on any platform. The iPad release of Office is an example of doing just that; delivering a new set of high-fidelity endpoints for the Office 365 services.

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