Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Now is the time to be an IT apprentice

IT apprenticeships give young people the chance to earn while they learn in a real job; gaining technical skills and qualifications, as well as work experience. Considering the amount of career opportunities in the technology sector, it’s safe to say: there’s never been a better time to be an IT apprentice.

According to the Office for National Statistics, tens of thousands of university graduates are earning less than school leavers taking apprenticeships. Not to mention that more than a quarter of them now work in part-time roles, as opposed to a mere 11% of apprenticeships leavers.

Technology offers great opportunities

Technology is an area where committed and passionate apprentices can thrive to benefit both themselves and their employers. The career opportunities and salaries are ever-growing, but so is the knowledge gap, therefore thousands of roles remain unfilled each year.

However apprenticeships help to bridge that gap, giving young people a chance to build their confidence, prove their competencies and develop a broader skill-set, whilst earning a salary.

The benefits for employers

Young people have ample untapped talent, and businesses are increasingly beginning to realise this. Taking on an apprentice can be an extremely beneficial business decision. Not only do organisations have the support of a training provider, such as Firebrand that can work with them to ensure that apprentices are developing the right skills for a career in business, but they are also able to develop and nurture their skills in a direction completely suited to the company.

Besides these benefits, companies are also able reduce their employment costs by up to 75%, get a return on their investment in less than six months and potentially qualify for a £1,500 Government grant per apprentice (for up to 10 apprentices).

The benefits for apprentices

Technology is one of the lines of industry that hasn’t stopped flourishing during the economic crisis, with all signs pointing towards continued growth. Technology transforms businesses. Technology fundamentally changes the way that people do business and it is constantly evolving. If you can play a part in that you’ll develop skills that can underpin your entire career.

Because technology never stops changing, it offers varied roles and that makes your job a lot more challenging and interesting. There is a misconception that to work in technology you have to be a traditional ‘techie’ and need to be a fan of software development.
This is not always the case, the options are numerous and IT offers a lot more than just computing.

Watch the following testimonial by Tom, who took part in the Firebrand Apprenticeship scheme:

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