Friday, 7 February 2014

Firebrand goes digital

Last weekend saw the launch of digital courseware. Firebrand currently offers 29 courses from Microsoft, Cisco and CompTIA, which are delivered in digital format across all the regions.

What's changing 

Firebrand’s intensive training courses are all about speed. Because we expect a lot from our students, we make sure that they are given the best resources to help them succeed.

Changing from books to digital courseware means that courses can be delivered faster and more efficiently, without having to wait for study material to arrive.

Digital courses at Firebrand are going to be delivered on Microsoft Surface RT devices, making logistics smoother, while also helping the environment.

Watch this video by Microsoft to see how digital courseware will further improve your Accelerated Learning experience with Firebrand: 

Digitally delivered courses include:
For the full list of digital courses visit Firebrand Learn.