Thursday, 27 February 2014

Careers Advice for you from Microsoft

Changing roles can be challenging, as there are always so many questions and so few answers. Microsoft knows this too, so if you’ve been thinking about trying yourself in a new role or technology, you are in luck, because the TechNet team has planned out some great events for you.

In order to you get into a role that you’d really enjoy, Microsoft will run three career evenings at its London offices. Each of those evenings will be themed around a particular group of technologies:
At these events you’ll have the chance to meet Microsoft’s HR expert Emma Broadway who will provide an employers’ perspective to help you market yourself. You’ll also meet Microsoft learning partners, MVP’s and Microsoft apprentices to learn about the technological side of things.

These evenings are open to all, and whatever your IT career aspirations are, you’ll pick up some good tips and advice whether or not you are in the transfer market.