Monday, 11 November 2013

Learn all about Project Procurement Management in our latest PMP course Module


As the days of Movember tick by, and my moustache moves from pitiful to remotely comical, we move ever closer towards the final modules of our PMP course. We've now completed 12 of 13 modules, but fear not, we still have a hoard of free practice tests and exercises to throw your way. 

By then end of 2013, you should have everything you need to pass your PMP, and in case you've been ignoring me since the 16th of September, it's all for free! Don't say we never treat you....

Enough chat, lets learn about project procurement management in this weeks module.

What is Project Procurement Management?

In this module you will learn all about the process of engaging with third party organisations as part of a project. This involves identifying sellers, contract negotiation, selection and then on going management of procurement relationships through to project completion.

What is covered in Project Procurement Management?

These are the sub sections you will work through in this weeks module:
12.1 - Plan Procurement Management - Planning
  • The process of documenting project purchasing decisions, specifying the approach and identifying potential sellers.
12.2 - Conduct Procurements - Executing
  • The process of obtaining seller responses, selecting a seller and awarding a contract.
12.3 - Control Procurements - Monitoring & Control
  • The process of managing procurement relationships, monitoring contract performance and making changes and corrections as needed.
12.4 - Close Procurements - Closing
  • The process of completing each project procurement.

Looking back...

If you've missed all the previous modules, here they are so you can work through them in order:

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    Get these dates in your diary as we head towards completing our PMP.

    13. Stakeholder Management - Monday 18th November

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    PMP Practice Tests - TBC December 2013

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