Monday, 14 October 2013

Learn PMP for Free - 8. Project Quality Management


It's Monday again, which means it's time for the latest module of our free PMP course being delivered on our new self-study platform Learn. Last week we took a look at Cost Managament and how to ensure a project is delivered to budget, through effective planning, budgeting and the controlling of costs.

This week we move into the realm of Project Quality Management......

What is Project Quality Management?                                                                     

When building requirements for a project, the project manager is required to plan beyond when a project/product is delivered (time), and what specifically is being developed (scope). They must also put a plan in place for quality, known as project quality management.

PMI define quality management as the process which "ensures that the project meets its requirements, or does what it is expected to do."

What is covered in Project Quality Management?                                                   

When working through the module you will cover the following knowledge areas:

8.1 - Plan Quality Management

Uncover the process through which you identify the quality standards which relate to your project and how they might be met. This will cover PMI's quality principles and a range of other quality philosophies, as well as learning all the tools and techniques to help you plan quality.

8.2 - Perform Quality Assurance

Get to grips with the process of auditing quality requirements and associated results from quality control measurements. Doing so will ensure that the correct operational definitions and quality standards were used throughout the project.

8.3 - Control Quality 

Learn all about the how to monitor specific project results ensuring they comply with relevant quality standards whilst also identifying ways to eliminate causes of unsatisfactory performance that may occur during the project.

What next?                                                                                                          

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Here are some important dates to put in your diary and check back on Learn.

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10. Project Communications Management - Monday 28th October

11. Project Risk Management - Monday 4th November

12. Procurement Management - Monday 11th November

13. Stakeholder Management - Monday 18th November

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