Wednesday, 18 September 2013

MiiPC - the child-friendly computer


IT security in business is essential, but it’s probably even more important when it comes to home computers, used by your children. The internet offers an unlimited range of images, videos and sites highly unsuitable for kids. However, it is impossible to continuously look over their shoulders. So what’s the solution? It’s MiiPC. 

MiiPC is an Android-based computer, developed to improve parental control without excessively limiting your kids’ browsing habits. It was designed to keep everything simple to parent and child alike. MiiPC is powered by a 1.2GHz processor, got 4GB of storage and runs on Android 4.2. It works with any screen, keyboard or mouse. But the best part is that this mini PC comes equipped with its own app monitoring service available in the AppStore. With this service, not only will you be able to remotely control access to applications, but you’ll also be able to view browser history and app use.  

Creator of MiiPC Young Song believes “most solutions for software blocks are too restrictive.” He explains blocking might be ideal for parents, but the most important thing is to have the remote, real-time control. A way to monitor is more useful, than outright blocking. Especially because blocking won’t result in long-term success, your kids will just go to the neighbours and play there. However, if you have the data to support your argument, your kids will be easier to convince to spend less time playing and surfing the web during homework time. 

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