Monday, 30 September 2013

Learn PMP for Free - 6. Project Time Management


Last week saw the latest module of the PMP course released, Project Scope Management. Having completed the module you should now have a keen understanding of whats involved, allowing you to plan and manage scope whilst creating an effective WBS to work through.

This Monday see's the launch of the Project Time Management module.

What is Project Time Management?                                                                     

Considered to be one of the core knowledge areas, project time management involves building a series of processes and outputs facilitating the completion of a project on time, to budget.

This process is closely linked to both project cost management and project scope management

What is covered in Project Time Management?                                                    

In this module of Learn, you will cover the following;

6.1 - Plan Schedule Management - establish policies, procedures and documentation for planning, developing, managing, executing and controlling the project schedule - Planning

6.2 - Define Activities - creating a list of actions required to meet project deliverables -  Planning 

6.3 - Sequence Activities - Sequencing them and documenting their relationships - Planning 

6.4 - Estimate Activity Resources - The type and quantities of material, people, equipment, or supplies required to perform each activity - Planning 

6.5 - Estimate Activity Durations - estimate work periods required to complete activities in line with available resource - Planning 

6.6 - Develop Schedule - Analyzing activity sequences, durations, resource requirements and schedule constraints to create the project schedule - Planning 

6.7 - Control Schedule - manage project activities to ensure plan is achieved - Monitoring and Control 

6. - Project Time Management - Session Summary

What next?                                                                                                          

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