Monday, 19 August 2013

Why mobile security is important


We love our gadgets, regardless of whether they're for work or entertainment, we just love them. We browse, we shop, we even bank with them. With the continuous increase in both smartphone and tablet sales, it is fair to say that every day more and more of us get enchanted by the never-ending range of games and applications available in the various e-stores. However, we must not forget that we might not be the only ones trying to make a transfer from our own bank account.

Android browsing alert

Security-testing specialist Veracode has created an infographic with a set of important information and statistics we are probably not aware of. According to this infographic, 40 million tablets were sold between 2011 and Q3 of 2012, so in less than 2 years. Evidently this number has rapidly been increasing ever since.  By the end of last year, around 1 billion mobile devices had been activated and numbers of mobile broadband subscribers are estimated to increase to 3.1 billion by the end of 2015. Big figures.  

But what does this mean? Apart from more train passengers with their heads down, it means there is a continuously growing target (or rather targeted) audience to hackers and cyber-criminals. Malware, phishing, dodgy background processes, hidden spyware, you name it, they are all out there. In fact, one of these may be hidden in the next app you are going to download. So, if you want your data to be intact, it is time to take some countermeasures: 
  • Use Password Protected Access Controls
  • Control Wireless Network and Service Connectivity
  • Try Mobile Antivirus Software or Scanning Tools
  • Back Up Your Data
  • Beware of Free Apps
For further statistics and tips on mobile security see the complete infographic by Veracode here

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