Thursday, 2 May 2013

Increase in cloud adoption and multi-cloud use


A survey from Cloud-management provider RightScale, shows an increase in both cloud computing usage and multi-cloud adoption.

Larger companies appear to be adopting cloud computing more so than companies with less than 1,000 employees. 77% of the larger companies had adopted cloud in some way whereas 73% of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees had adopted cloud according to the recent survey of 625 businesses, and IT development staff from RightScale.

The survey also found that 68% had deployments spanning more than just one cloud. The interesting area is in the increase in the provisioning of resources on multiple clouds. Over three quarters of larger companies adopted clouds, 77% of those are deploying across multiple clouds.

At a meeting with reporters and representatives of RightScale customers, the CEO Michael Crandell said he believes the use of multiple clouds has been steadily rising. “I think it was lower (before the first survey),” Crandell said. “That’s my gut instinct.” You save money, and multiply different applications to run on different hardware or to focus on core competencies. Cloud represents a lot of possibilities for companies.

However, security and compliance with regulations still seem to be a problem for a few companies. Crandell said it can come down to legal issues. Businesses might not want to risk putting their own customers at risk of data breaches. Crandell stated “It’s their attorneys who are dealing with that as well as ours.”

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