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SharePoint 2013 Learning Roadmaps


As organisations across the globe look set to adopt the latest SharePoint instalment, administrators and developers alike are preparing to get to grips with a whole host of new functions and applications.

SharePoint 2013 is  the 6th revision of the business collaboration software and comes retrofitted with Yammer, (for greater social integration) and a vast range of new capabilities outlined on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Tech Center, or check out the following video:

SharePoint 2013 Learning Roadmaps

To help prepare you for the latest rendition, the helpful folks over at Microsoft's SharePoint IT Pro blog have set about compiling a range of learning roadmaps. If unfamiliar with the terminology, a learning roadmap is the process of compiling multiple content types (articles, videos etc.) and organising them to create a learning pathway customized for the readers skill level and needs. 

So whether you are getting to grips with SharePoint for the first time, or you are a seasoned veteran, you have a pathway for quickly digesting knowledge and getting up to speed on a select topic or technology.

From SharePoint zero to SharePoint Hero

Each learning roadmap from Microsoft is segmented into 6 sections aimed at taking you from no prior knowledge right through to being a topic expert. The roadmap sections are outlined below :

Prerequisite information – this is the base knowledge to help prepare you  for the topic you are about to learn.
Level 100 – is the beginner level giving introductory information about the topic.
Level 200 - comes next and is intermediate information about the topic.
Level 300 - crank it up to 11, this is advanced information about the select topic.
Ongoing Learning – for all those looking for extra credit, this is a source of follow on information for the topic.
Additional Resources – if you still haven't had your fill this is a collection of information sources to support the topic.

Existing SharePoint Roadmaps

As of today (March 19th 2013) there are 5 learning roadmaps in existence which are as follows:
If you can't find what your looking for, keep checking the SharePoint 2013 Tech Center for updates, they seem to be coming thick and fast with 5 published in the last month. Also be a good citizen and if you see any issues, or want to add to the existing roadmaps, there is an option to provide feedback/amendments.

You can go your own way (prizes for who wrote that song)
If you fancy doing things your own way, why not create your very own fully customized roadmap? Microsoft have provided a Learning Roadmap Template, so for the eager beavers amongst you, why not not create your own SharePoint 2013 learning roadmap today.

Once you've created your roadmap masterpiece, feel free to share it with us via our Google Plus Page +Firebrand Training UK or why tweet us @beafirebrand.

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