Monday, 18 February 2013

Video: What is the IAMCP and what do they do?

What is the IAMCP?
The International Association of Channel Partners (IAMCP) is the world’s leading technology partnership of Microsoft with over 5,000 corporate members in 80 chapters in 40 countries, serving a community of over 100,000 people.

The IAMCP provides members with information, training and events designed to increase business opportunities locally and internationally.

They help partners to expand their trade borders and establish strong business alliances with direct links to people from Microsoft and a forum to discuss the latest Microsoft technologies.

IAMCP has four fundamental pillars - P.A.C.E.


Firebrand managed to catch up with the IAMCP’s current Worldwide President Kelvin Kirby at the CompTIA EMEA Conference who gave us a brief introduction into the IAMCP.

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Video Transcript:
Good afternoon. My name is Kelvin Kirby. I am the current Worldwide President for the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners. Our organization represents about 5,500 partners worldwide in the Microsoft Partner Channel, and we have 80 chapters in 40 countries all around the globe.

Our community is essentially just focused on Microsoft Partners who want to partner with other partners in various locations. It could be either in the same country, it could be in different countries, but basically they want to develop their services and promote other services outside of that. So we have a very vibrant community. I encourage you to go and find out more about IAMCP at

Get more information about the IAMCP and how to join here: