Thursday, 31 January 2013

Microsoft Technology Posters - The Xboxercist

By Edward Jones

Welcome to the third instalment of Microsoft Technology Posters, today's Movie Poster Parody has a slightly more sinister feel.  As the eerie green light chases away the oppressive dark of the night we are greeted with the silhouette of "the Xboxercist".

These days it's perhaps not hard to imagine requiring the services of a Priest, some Holy Water and the power of God to separate children from Demon incarnate Xbox Games console. Yusuf Mehdi,  Head of Marketing Strategy for Xbox was quoted by the LA Times  in march 2012, stating that the average Xbox user is online for 84 hours a month! With half of that time spent gaming.

But before you race to the phone to call your local minister, take the time to read this interesting post by Daniel Burrus; a  Technology Futurist and Innovation Expert, titled "An Education Revolution: Automate and Humanize!". Burrus argues that today's complex games teach kids to memorize elaborate scenarios and develop sophisticated strategies and tactics to complete goals. It helps them to focus, prioritise and make complex decisions in a high pressure, time sensitive situation. All the while they communicate via head set to instruct/communicate with friends and gaming allies, when's the last time you did that at work?

Anyway....let us not forget our Microsoft Technology Poster....check back tomorrow for the fourth instalment.

The Xboxercist

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