Friday, 11 January 2013

Greatest threat to the UK armed forces - Cyber attacks

A Cyber attack has now been said to be the biggest threat to the UK armed forces.

Despite this, MPs recently stated in a report that there are as of yet no plans to protect soldiers, warships and aircraft from hackers.

Almost everything has become reliant on technology and the internet which now-a-days can be easily compromised by a 15 year old in the comfort of his own house.

If radar and satellite systems were compromised and came under attack it could be fatal for our armed forces, the commons defense committee stated.

To add to our worries, the government seems to have no contingency plans meaning that the military would not know how to act in the event of a cyber attack.

Chairman James Arbuthnot stated “If it has none, it should say so, and urgently create some”. He also accused ministers of being complacent about the threat.

Last year, despite budget cuts in defense spending, Prime Minister David Cameron said that £650 million has been earmarked for a cyber security initiative. You can watch a video report on effectiveness of the investment here: Video: McAfee's CTO on UK government cyber security spending - 18 Dec 2012 - Computing News.

In another report by the Cabinet Office, British businesses have suffered about £21 billion a year from cyber crime.

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