Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Microsoft Technology Posters - Bill and Ted's Excel Adventure

By Edward Jones

Today we bring you the second instalment of Microsoft Technology Movie Posters, made possible thanks to the fantastic submissions from Firebrand readers during the Microsoft Movie Mash-up Competition back in August.

Perhaps one of my favourites, this image was made possible thanks to a spark of genius from the @TheTerinator. We hope you all love it as much as we do.

Bill and Ted's Excel Adventure

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One can only imagine the mischief Bill and Ted would have gotten up to as the analysed spreadsheets to discover and reveal hidden insights in their data. They would have no doubt described Microsoft Excel as "totally boadcious", of course back in good old 1989 they'd be using Excel 2.2. Having not had the pleasure of experiencing 2.2, I imagine the functions available in that version of Excel were somewhat lacking compared to the eagerly anticipated Office 2013, sporting a  Metro Design and cloud integration.

Tomorrow we will be taking a look at the third instalment of Microsoft Technology Posters....

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