Thursday, 20 December 2012

How to team your network cards in Windows Server 2012 - Infographic

With the advent of cloud computing and mass virtualization of server operating systems, the need for high speed, highly available networking becomes even more pressing. Until now, in a Windows Server environment, the joining together of Network Interface Cards (NICs) into teams was a tricky and time consuming process. It required third-party drivers, specific NICs and some rather technical configurations to get it all right.

So what is a team? The teaming of network cards is simply joining them into one logical entity, with a single IP address. Having done this, you can choose how you want to use this new team.

There are many reasons for teaming your multi-homed servers. Primarily because the networking becomes highly available, you can also lose one of the NICs and still communicate. The team can be set to perform several other functions, including bonding the two bandwidths together and doubling the potential throughput of your connection.

Learn how to team your network cards in windows server 2012 with this useful infographic designed by Firebrand. The content is from our Windows Server instructor Ed Baker.

How to team your network cards in Windows Server 2012

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